Historic Fayetteville City Cemetery

Bringing Dignity to Those Who Rest Here
Get Involved
Have you ever wanted to be involved in a community event, belong to a nonprofit group that wants to make a difference? Well look no further! We would love to have you. 

Cleaning headstones (we supply the products and equipment)
Bring your gloves and yard tools (rakes, shovels, hoes, hedge trimmers, weed eaters, blowers, chain saws) and join us to clean head stones and graves, trim trees and bushes, pull weeds, rake leaves and pick up trash, old flowers, limbs and sticks. We will provide supplies for cleaning headstones. Please help us make our City Cemetery better! Bottled water will be provided.

Sign up to be a Family Contact

We are continuing to improve and restore the Historic Fayetteville Cemetery. We'd love to have a family representative for each person buried in Historic Fayetteville Cemetery for our records. Please contact us to send us an email with your contact information. 

Lawn Care

Picking up limbs, sticks, trash, trimming bushes and limbs, spreading ant killer, and spraying weed killer


We are working with a landscape designer to beautify the grounds. Assist with the planting of bushes, bulbs, plants, spread mulch, carry bags of soil, till up soil, lay brick around the bed and in the new garden area. Share your perennials from your yard. 

 Wish List 

Purchase items on our landscape wish listIf you’d like to purchase any of these items on our wish list, please contact us for more details.


10 Light posts

Electrical wire 

5 outdoor faucets

500' 1" PVC pipe

3 Rain Barrels

5  100' water hoses

5 bags of Ant killer 

2 Rakes

10 tons Pea Gravel 

2 rolls landscape plastic

1 Home Depot concrete bench  123444 

4 of Lowe’s Desert Sand Garden Bench Item #2489625

1 Home Depot Cross Concrete Garden Bench


If you can make phone calls for donations, visit businesses and vendors, pick up donation items, work a face painting booth, dunking booth, work a concession stand, can put up tents, then you would be an asset to our group. 

Cemetery Walk

Be a tour guide, sell tickets, take up tickets, video, take photos, assist with props, costumes, lighting, graphic design, make copies, assist with advertising and media coverage, assist with donations, put out posters, signs, and banners, work concession, drive a golf cart,  put out lanterns and luminaries, set up or take down tents, tables and chairs. Portray a character, assist with research on characters, assist with finding family members of characters. 

If you would like to volunteer for the City Cemetery Walk, please contact Gail Jenkins via email @ histfcc@gmail.com. If you would like to make a donation to help pay for the expenses, you can make your check payable to FHFCC and mail to P O Box 572 Fayetteville, GA 30214.


Write blogs, give legal advice, run website, instagram, Facebook, write articles, take photos and videos.


Contact us to volunteer for any of these activities. We'd love to have you on our team!