Historic Fayetteville City Cemetery

Bringing Dignity to Those Who Rest Here

Work Days
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Members worked hard on Labor Day cleaning headstones, edging around graves and walls, trimming bushes, cutting trees, raking up magnolia leaves, picking up branches, and removing old flowers and trash. We usually have a clean up day every few months. We would like to invite anyone to join our group and/or volunteer to work in areas of interest. Please visit our Contact page and complete the form in how you want to get involved. If you have a Boy Scout troop, Girl Scout troop, youth group, civic group, etc and would like to bring them one afternoon or weekend, we would certainly welcome your participation. If any school group would like to participate or students who need service hours, we encourage you to reach out, and we can find something for you to do. 

Mary Bryson  - will this come clean?
Nina Walker and Mary Bryson - Double teaming
Nicole Gilbert applying some elbow grease
Suzanne Huckaby - I’ve fallen and I can’t get up
Butch Huckaby and Michael Bryson - bring the muscle
Butch Huckaby and Michael Bryson - watch out for that tree
Jim Bankston hey guys there is more road under here
Micheal Bryson - let me get the top for you ladies
Harriett Bankston - I like the sparkle