Historic Fayetteville City Cemetery

Bringing Dignity to Those Who Rest Here

How We Began
   Tombstone that needs
        to be put upright

After attending the Spirit Walk in the Fayetteville City Cemetery in 2019 and 2020, Gail Jenkins started talking with friends about the condition of the cemetery. Graves were overgrown in the woods, trees and undergrowth were out of control, headstones were broken, some leaning, some thrown up against trees, graves were caved in and tombstones overturned. As she began to investigate the lack of care in the City Cemetery, she quickly learned she had stumbled upon a mystery in many ways. Being a 6th generation Fayette County resident, she had thought her entire life that the City Cemetery was owned and taken care of by the City, but it turned out that was not the case.
    A caved in grave that
            needs repair

Seeing the need, she reached out to others to get together and discuss starting a nonprofit group of folks who cared about this cemetery and like her wanted to see it restored to a cemetery that those who rested here would be proud.
    A tomb that requires
     professional repair

In April of 2022, the first meetings took place with six volunteers in attendance. They took on the challenges that lied ahead and have worked endlessly to accomplish their goals.

Baby steps…. you have to start somewhere and they have.